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True Blue Fan

Planning to watch UK play Florida tomorrow. Look for me on TV. I'll be the one in the East Endzone who is there until the last minute, even though there's an 80% chance that it will rain .75-1 inch and we are three touchdown underdogs. I don't care. =)

My name isn't Grace

Completely wiped out on my way into my building today (in front of my boss and a coworker). It was rainy and I guess I missed the mat when I stepped in on the tile floor. BAM! Right down on my left knee. My hands were full, which may have actually been a blessing because I surely don't want another broken wrist... What an eventful three days. I am glad I didn't leave the house yesterday. Who knows what would've happened? =)

It's nice to be appreciated!

I've gotten several emails this week from colleagues and superiors commending me on a job well done. I love feeling apprecaited!
On another note, I taught a lesson to a high school class today. I was a nervous wreck. But they're just 10 year olds in bigger bodies!

Be careful what you ask for...

Paula Deen prayed for a new neighbor and got a husband. I prayed for a new neighbor and got...a new neighbor. Who slams doors in the morning. And watches really loud TV all hours of the night. Be careful what you ask for. I'm just sayin'...

Wow, I love my job...

I am better now. 100% happy for my friends, and 100% content with my life. What caused this shift? I love my job that much. No really. I'm serious. Seriously...

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down...

(reference previous post about being happy for the first time in a long time...)

I'm currently teetering a line between being really happy for three friends with BIG news (two engagements & a baby), and feeling sorry for myself because I'm honestly beginning to think those things really won't ever happen for me. But I'm learning to be happy with what I have, not sad about what I don't.

Lovin Life

As summer unofficially comes to an end this Labor Day weekend, I reflect on my summer. And I have to say, it was fantastic. Jenny got married, J had a baby, and I am happier now than I have been in a L-O-N-G time. I LOVE my new job. Everything about it. And I truely feel God is using it to open doors that I never imagined. The fear that I'd lose touch with my friends was completely unfounded. In fact, I am closer to some of them than I've ever been. And I love my coworkers. EVERYONE is friendly and I've never ONCE felt bad about myself in my new position. When I think back to how I struggled over this decision, I am so thankful that I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith. I'm pleased with how far I've come and I'm really starting to feel happy--really happy with my life.

Change is easy in small steps...

So my mission last week went fairly well. It helped that I wasn't around my friends who continue to put themselves down over and over (and over). So I've decided that I will change my attitude by adding one more positive thing every week. This week, every time I look in the mirror, I have to find a new positive thing about myself. This one might be more difficult, but I'm trying!